Our company has been selling conveyor and timing belts for 14 years.

Over the years, our company has become a reliable supplier of conveyor and timing belts of European quality for many customers.

High quality conveyor and timing belts spare your equipment and processing lines and extend their service life. Not only we sell conveyor and timing belts, but also provide advice, helping you to choose conveyor and timing belts, so that conveyor and timing belts exactly match the requirements of the technological process.

We will also design machines and production lines that will be equipped with our quality conveyor and timing belts to ensure the highest quality of your products. We can optimize your warehouse space, design warehouse lines equipped with our conveyor and timing belts, which will significantly reduce your logistics costs.

In addition to conveyor and timing belts, we can complete your machines and production lines with other high quality spare parts such as modular belts, flat chains, bearings, drive chains, seals, gaskets and much more.